Are you looking to move away from a “diet” and to a “lifestyle change”?


Mindful Nutrition Coaching 

Food might not be the first thing you think of when you hear mindfulness. But think of it like this. Food = fuel. If you have mindful fuel then you are setting yourself up for the best version of YOU. …And isn’t that why you are here?!

I have been down so many diets and unhealthy nutrition lifestyles. From simply not eating (ew), to eating the smallest amount of processed foods available. 

I am now NOT on a diet, yet my physical physique and relationship with food is at a lifetime high!

So you want to learn how to actually like your fucking veggies?

I call my programming “Mindful Nutrition Coaching” because it is just that. I teach you the ins and outs of what your body needs so you can make mindful food choices to support a healthy lifestyle… forever. This doesn’t mean we are going to avoid certain foods. It instead means we are going to find the right balance to support your badass self. From a shit ton of vegetables to water intake. We will talk about managing your sleep, understanding what protein is and why your body needs it. And together we will understand how to make grocery shopping fun!

I take a MACROs approach at the beginning of our time together, however, if you are not a fan we will switch to other mindful techniques to get your mind + body just right.

I am excited to help you in the kitchen! We will work together to help build a healthy foodie lifestyle that can last fo-ever. 
$350 covers 3 months, which breaks down to LESS THAN $30/week! 
OR if you are ready for a big time commitment 6, 9 and 12 month options help you save even more!

each week you will get:

  • 2 check-ins (I try to make one video feedback)
  • optional weekly 1:1 phone call
  • endless chats with yours truly via TrueCoach
  • Access to a Facebook group (for forever) where you’ll find tips + tricks, grocery store walkthroughs and more!
  • The option to continue with more coaching at a discounted rate
  • Discounted TCY fitness and/or mobility programming


Mindful Nutrition Coaching 

Do you have a good grasp of nutrition but you have a few questions that you would love to cover. Maybe you are switching to a new nutrition lifestyle (ie vegan) and you are wondering how to get your protein in? Maybe you want a one time assistance in the grocery store. 
No matter what is your WHY if you are ready for mindful nutrition tips crushed into one powerful hour this is for you!

$85 covers 1 hour with yours truly! Come with a list of questions ready to go and drop details of what you're looking for in the contact form below so that I can be ready to provide you with the most power in one hour!


Nutrition Power Hour

the details:

I highly recommend nutrition coaching, workout programming, AND the virtual yoga membership by The Caffeinated Yogi! So the whole package. I've attended many in-person yoga sessions and we've been virtually working together for several months on improving my fitness level and overall well being. Thumbs up across the board! Danielle is flexible to accommodate limitations and requests (in both nutrition guidance/diet and workout programming) and makes the hard work fun. I feel amazing and am seeing losses in the waist line as well gains on the muscle front. Thank you!!


  • The badass that wants to develop a healthy relationship with foods
  • Those that are looking to go on vacation with the tools to make healthy and fun decisions
  • A yogi that actually likes eating their fuckung veggies
  • yes, we are all yogis here ;)
  • The human that is ready to understand the 80/20 rule (aka - you CAN still eat your favorite icecream). 
  • The person that is ready to break the idea of “good” and “bad” foods.

TCY programming is for:

  • Simple Over Fancy
  • The “Something Over Nothing “ Mentality 
  • Mindful Wins over Instagram Worthy Plates
  • Functional Over Pretty
  • Veggies, Water, Sleep, Protein, and Sunshine Over Diet Culture
  • A Dope Mindset Every Damn Time

With TCY we focus on:

Danielle has over 8 years of experience in the health industry and holds a nutrition certification with both NASM and ACE

Danielle has worked with clients who are new to nutrition, with those that have tried hundreds of diets, and with specialized needs such as:
  • Preparing athletes for lifting competitions, MOAB 240, and strength goals
  • Breaking through eating disorders
  • Pre and post natal needs


Aka The Caffeinated Yogi

Are you ready to start the journey?

Please complete the form so I can get to know you. I will follow up with onboarding information with 48 hours of form completion.

let do it!

frequently asked questions

You do not have to, I recommend giving it a go for 1 month but if that is not an option no worries. We will do whatever is needed to make sure your mental health is 100%

do i need to use a tracking app?

You do not, but it can be helpful and fun!

do i need the premium version of mfp?

I will not give you meal plans. I will however give you tips + tricks to think outside of the box, help you find foods you like, and even walk through the grocery store with you!

will you give me meal plans?

100%! I have worked with several herbivores before! 

I am a vegetarian / vegan. Is TCY for me?

I actually encourage us to work together during travel times. We will work together before you leave for your adventures to make choices for zee belly & mind without feeling like you “can’t” have a slice of cake or glass of wine.

I am going to be traveling during part of the coaching time. Will that be an issue?