Why Work With Me?

Hey, hi yellow - and welcome to my little corner of the internet. If you are here to get stronger physically, mentally & everything in between - you are in the right place. But first I think it is important for you to get to know me - your soon to be coach ;)

I found my love for yoga in college (go bulls) as I was...

Searching to replace my long-lost love for dance. I was the WORST yoga student in the beginning. I hated any part of meditation and wanted to skip savasana while only playing with a hot power practice. As I was working 3 jobs, interning, and obtaining 2 bachelor’s degrees my overworked self passed the F out in savasana one day and it all just clicked…well sort of ;).. It was then that I realized there was so much more to yoga andI knew I had a LOT of learning to do!

I quickly added personal training and nutrition coaching to the letters after my name when I realized I wanted to leave corporate America. I had no idea what I wanted to do or how I was going to leave but I started taking in as many parts of the health and fitness industry as I could! After a year or so I put coaching on hold and went full speed ahead with my true love – Y O G A.

I began my career in the fitness industry by signing up for yoga teacher training. 

In 2016 I came up with the idea of opening a yoga studio + coffee shop. 

A space where the yoga community could grow off the mat. A space for everyBODY. In 2017 I left my super sweet gig in finance to take make my dream a reality. 

So how did we get from a yoga mat to a barbell? 

After less than 30 days in a new state, I created Sky’s The Limit Yoga Company (STL) as a community-based brand and held my first class at a local brewery. I knew no one. I was terrified yet so excited to start this journey. And I was so surprised that 18 magical humans made it out to my very first STL event.

From 2017 to 2020 I began coaching (zee fitness) in a group setting all while growing the Sky’s the Limit Community. And to say the pandemic was a blessing in disguise is an understatement. I took about a solid day to cry my eyes out as I thought all my hard work with STL was going to dwindle down the tubes. Then I put on my big girl panties and went to work.

I decided to turn a blog that I put to rest YEARS ago into the brand you are now wandering through – The Caffeinated Yogi (TCY), a virtual coaching business with everything from strength, to mobility, and nutrition. (And don’t you worry, STL kept growing through the Rona too!)

All four of these concepts make TCY what it is.


With 1:1 Strength Programming

I work directly with you (1:1 style) to achieve your goals. From no equipment to a gym full of toys. I use True Coach to prescribe everything from warm-up to cool down.

With 1:1 mobility Programming

1:1 Mobility Programming encompasses the need to move and balance the body. Think yoga meets strength training with me as your 1:1 guide

With 1:1 nutrition coaching

Is for YOU if you need help creating a dope mindset around foods. If you are open to my yogic like mindset to help you create a healthy relationship with food that fuels your body, then we need to chat MEOW.


Because I know the letters behind my name are important, here are my certificates / qualifications in the health and fitness industry:

The scrabble of numbers and letters that make up TCY

YOGA: 500 E-RYT, YACEP, 50HR Rocket, and RYPT
FITNESS: ACE Personal Trainer, FMS, CF-L1

So, what happened to my yoga studio + coffee shop idea?

After less than 30 days in a new state, I created Sky’s The Limit Yoga Company as a community-based brand and held my first class at a local brewery. I knew no one, I was terrified yet so excited to start this journey and 18 magical humans made it out to my very first event. 4+ years later and hundreds of miles away from my Florida grown routes I opened a yoga studio in the Railroad District of Norfolk VA. A full-blown coffee shop is not in the current cards, however, the studio’s community space is no joke!

Say hello to Sky's The Limit Yoga co!

Sky’s The Limit is located at 115 W 25th Street Suite A. We have over 40 classes on our regular schedule with events happening inside the studio on the reg. Besides our time on the mat we have a shop with swag, oils, candles, jewelry and much more. Plus… we can’t forget about the coffee! From local canned coffee, to baked goods, protein drinks + snacks and even co-working 5 days a week!

And let’s not forget that the STL community classes have been flourishing since that very first class in July of 2017. We (I am blessed to have 9 amazing people making up the STL crew) teach community classes throughout the Hampton Roads area. Our classes are spread over 6 different cities in 30+ local establishments.

check out stl

If you are looking to become a yoga teacher I am the lead instruction of the STL Yoga Alliance Certified School. Email info@skysthelimityogaco.com to chat and join our next cohort.

My favorite color is green.

I hate potatoes… even french fries & potato chips, however I think tortilla chips should have their own food group!

I danced on broadway.

I got married in Aruba

I have 3 degrees: A Bachelors in Criminology, A Bachelors In International Studios, and A Masters In Economic Criminal Management. 

my Coffee Order: Once You Go Black You Never Go Back. ;)

i live in Norfolk, VA

Macklemore is my doggo and best friend!

As of 2.22.22 I am Mrs. Matthew Talley :)

i am an Enneagram Type 8

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