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Taking the Yogi Mind to barbeLL, dinner plate, and beyond

Whatever brought you here, I'm so glad you made it.

A phrase I live by goes something like this “can’t is not in my vocabulary”. No matter your fitness level, nutrition journey, or time to prioritize your life there IS something for you here with TCY coaching. Maybe we need to adjust to thirty minute workouts, or learn how to make adult lunchables because life is crazier than ever. Either way, there is an option for you here, and we CAN develop a dope mindset when it comes to your health and fitness.

are you ready to dive in? Awesome! 

At TCY we are all about bringing the yogi mind to every damn gym sesh. You might think that means we take it easy with a more “zen feel”... if so think again. With TCY coaching you will learn to move safely and within the time domain that your schedule allows. 

Want to hit a new PR, we will make that happen without testing your 1RM 57 times. If you’re struggling to get to the gym for an hour we can break it down to 30min sessions that can be done anywhere, anytime. I'm a coach who'll encourage you to get stronger from mind to muscle.

Stronger, better, faster, WISER

Flexibility and mobility are two very different things! So if you think you are coming for a “zen like” experience, the jokes on you! I write mobility programming to help with YOUR direct needs. From balancing your running zoomies, to countering lifting weights, and to simply developing better posture.

Mobility is NO JOKE. If you are ready to get a little sweaty as we move slowly, with a TON of control then mobility is for you.

Want to run or lift without feeling like shit?

I take my yogic mindset to all aspects of life and business. So if you decide to get stronger (physically) with me, you will get all the good vibes. And if you are looking to create a healthy relationship with food that can last a lifetime - igotchu!

PS :: I am a huge believer that tortilla chips should have their own damn food group. So if you think nutrition coaching is a diet that restricts you from eating your favorite foods, get ready for me to blow yo mind ;)

Let’s make you a yogi who eats!




I feel amazing and am seeing losses in the waist line as well gains on the muscle front. Thank you!!


AKA Danyell

Yoga Studio Owner, Strength Coach, Nutrition Guide, And Lover Of Coffee.

The Caffeinated Yogi (TCY) started almost 10 years ago as a blog. The home of a young and new yoga teacher who knew she wanted to change lives (on and off the mat) but had no idea how. Here we are, a decade later, taking the yoga mind to barbell, foodie plate, and beyond.

Hey there,
I’m Danielle.

- The Caffeinated Yogi

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