Are you looking to run, lift, cycle without pain?


Mobility and flexibility are NOT one in the same.

Mobility is no fricken joke! Many times people think mobility and flexibility are the same, and I am sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not true!

Mobility = your active range of motion
Flexibility = your passive range of motion.

If you are ready to get a little sweaty as we move slowly, (with a TON of control) then mobility is for you.

I dove into mobility coaching when I realized there was a gap between fitness and yoga. Now please note I am NOT saying that yoga and mobility are the same. But I AM saying many people need to mobilize their joints, just like the tin man!

If you are looking to prevent injury, poor posture, and lack of motion when you are a granny then mobility is for you!

I write mobility programming to help with your direct needs. From balancing your running, to countering lifting weights, or to develop better posture.

Most of the TCY Mobility badasses like to do one day of mobility and supplement the rest with strength training or another movement modality . However, if you are looking for all the mobility needs we have 3 + 5 day a week options too!


  • Sessions programmed from warm-up to cool down
  • Demo videos for EVERYTHING 
  • Chat features and review of movements via video (if you choose)
  • Programming available in 2 week blocks
  • The option to cancel or pause at any time.
  • Discounted nutrition coaching
  • Discounted 1:1 sessions (in person or virtually)

Mobility Coaching

  • 1 days/week :: $50/month
  • 3 days/week :: $75/month
  • 5 days/week :: $100/month

the investment:

Thankful for TCY helping me survive 2020 & keep on track with fitness goals!


  • The runner who is having knee pain or plantar issues
  • The lifter who is limited by range motion 
  • The CrossFitter who is in pain and suffers from injuries 
  • The yogi who is practicing solely because they heard it is good for you
  • The human who wants to be able to move well and feel good in their 90s
  • The badass that wants to move well for FO-EVA.

TCY programming is for:

  • Simple Over Fancy
  • The “Something Over Nothing" Mentality 
  • Mindful Wins over Instagram Worthy Moves & Grooves
  • Functional Over Pretty
  • A Dope Mindset Every Damn Time

With TCY we focus on:

so who am i really?

I have  8 years of experience in the fitness industry and hold the following credentials:
  •  ACE Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) 
  • CrossFit: CF-L1
  • Has worked with players in the NFL, NHL, and MLB
  • Am a coach who gives a shit. 

Hey there,
I’m Danielle.

Aka The Caffeinated Yogi, and your new strength coach

Are you ready to start the journey?

Please complete the form so I can get to know you. I will follow up with onboarding information with 48 hours of form completion.

let do it!

frequently asked questions

30-40min is a good allotted time block - however if you are looking for something more or less we can make that happen!

how long will mobility training take?

You do not! We can get creative with things around the house OR I would recommend a few small amazon finds (i.e a resistance band or foam roller).

do i need equipment?

N O P E. There will be some movements or positions that are the same (because who doesn’t love a good pigeon?!). But overall we will be building a bit more of a sweat while moving through sessions in more of a “set/rep scheme”

is mobility the same as yoga?

It is not. Just like with yoga there might be some movements that will look similar to PT, however this is 100% programming that you can do anytime, anywhere with a bit more sweat added into the mix.

is mobility the same as physical therapy?